Community currencies in Greece: trading despair for hope

Created: 03 Dec 2017 / Categories: Business, Community, research

One of the questions I asked myself before I embarked on this trip was: how do people work together in communities? How do people organize themselves, especially in times of

Speaking up for #metoo in Sarajevo

Created: 25 Oct 2017 / Categories: Business, Leadership, research, Travel

Just the other day, during breakfast in Sarajevo, Neijima (32) was telling me about the post-war lethargy that afflicts the younger generation in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Not your ordinary ...

Stop worrying and start doing (nothing)…The magic of Sardinia’s Blue Zones.

Created: 24 Sep 2017 / Categories: Business, research, Travel

As I take a sip from my espresso overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea, trying not to give in to my after-lunch-dip, an Italian man on the couch next to me is

Are you a bimbo? A bitch? Or one of the boys?

Created: 16 Aug 2017 / Categories: Business, research

Let me tell you a personal story. About why I started this project and about the process I’ve been through to get here. Four years ago, I started working in